Willie Nelson’s Bus – Part 1 in the series of GSM Legends

#WillieNelson has been to Iowa many times to perform concerts with his incredible band including drummer Paul English who he started playing with in 1955. I have always appreciated their long time friendship and the music they and their band members have produced through the years. Willie is a legend in the music business just as GSM is in the custom fab business.

With this in mind, I would like to relate a little story regarding some work we did for Willie and his band in the 1970’s. Willie was playing at the University of Northern Iowa and had a big problem. They were unable to unload their luggage from the luggage compartment of one of the buses on the tour due to a broken door hinge. GSM received a call at their long time phone number – 319-234-5428 – still in use today. Could we help them repair the door? Being the Willie Nelson fans that we are, we said “Sure, bring it down and we’ll get er done”.

The bus showed up shortly with Willie’s driver. Our welder Wayne Kidrowski got on it right away, and in no time at all Willie and company were back in business. That’s the GSM way “Do it and Do it Now” ; that was before Nike’s “Just Do It”. Anyway, the show went on and the concert was great and Willie was “On the Road Again”.

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